Our Boat

Our Boat

Itama 38 Magnifica Elegance & Comfort

SeaMoon could not choose anything other than an iconic Itama as the flagship vessel for its fleet!

This elegant and refined yacht has been designed to provide you with the ultimate experience of freedom and enjoyable, comfortable navigation.

The Itama 38 Magnifica, with its sporty soul and impeccable style, boasts a spacious sunbathing area both aft and forward, allowing you to enjoy the journey without giving up on your tan.

Surrender yourself to the caresses of the wind, the sunlight, and the gentle movement of the sea. Every detail here has been carefully crafted to offer you unparalleled comfort without sacrificing style. You will always have access to refreshing drinks thanks to the provided fridge, as well as all the comforts of a cabin equipped with a bathroom.

Experience complete freedom and safety aboard our yachts. Let the journey begin!

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